Sheila Tennant Design Awards – 2016

Dundee West Church has set up a fund to help support community activities over three years. The Funding comes from a substantial bequest from Sheila Tennant, a former member of the congregation who passed away in 2014. This year Dundee West Church has created the Sheila Tenant Design Awards in recognition of the coming of the V & A to Dundee.  As in 2015 there will be £10,000 to be awarded in support of community activities.

Sheila Tennant was a creative, intelligent and progressive woman of faith. She was able to challenge convention, worked with simple truths and embraced a compassionate way of life. Sheila was also realistic and a person of integrity who possessed an uncomplicated expression of Christian understanding. These awards fit very well with what Sheila wished to happen from Dundee West.

I was honoured to be asked to be one of the judges of these awards, and I encourage people to propose innovative, visionary ideas.

The task

Applicants are expected to be a group of people who collaborate together in creating an application. This group may include a person or persons with design capacity, but must include people for whom the design applies.

The priority areas

The areas below are identified as priorities and are intended to assist groups to focus on a particular area of work. Groups may apply within different priority areas or combine more than one priority in one application. All applications will be considered together and four awards made of £2,500 each. Successful groups will be required to report on progress by the end of May 2017.

The design could be about one of the following:

  1. Change to a building or community space, which improves at least two of the following: inclusion, safety or comfort; BUILDING or SPACE
  2. A new or expanded initiative to promote well-being, health and inclusion; WELL-BEING, HEALTH and INCLUSION
  3. Improvements of any kind that help promote both energy efficiency and reduce waste; ENERGY EFFICIENCY & WASTE REDUCTION
  4. Improvements to how food is grown and shared, which is also environmentally friendly; FOOD GROWING and SHARING
  5. Changes to an organisation to improve communication and/or publicity by using IT and/or social media; ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE

Groups are invited to use the design process to make a written summary of their idea on the application form. The design process is when we explore an idea and then imagine and develop it into a proposal. All applications should:

  • Include people for whom the design applies;
  • Address a well-defined social issue, problem or challenge in the community;
  • Be able to be implemented in the community using a co-design process within a defined period of time;
  • Deliver positive results that can be measured and evaluated;
  • Be a feasible proposition from a group that demonstrates the skills and expertise to deliver;
  • Have the potential to be replicated in other communities;

Groups wishing to discuss the above are invited to contact Gordon Sharp (see below). Completed application forms must be submitted by: 31st May, 2016 to:

Gordon Sharp

Dundee West Church

130 – 132 Perth Road

DUNDEE DD1 4JW or email

Application form: ST application form