Support Young Champions


I want your money. £5 will do.

This Saturday I am abseiling down the outside of a high building in Dundee. Holly Scanlan, Rod Mountain and I are among those doing this daring stunt to raise money for an amazing cause. Young Champions is a youth mentoring programme or young people in Dundee who have been failed by school and lack the skills and confidence find their way in life. They are mentored by some great students – design students from DJCAD.

Initiated by the remarkable Anthea Reid and supported by the equally great Kirsty Thomson, the project is making a real significant difference to the lives of those involved. But the point is, we need to involve more young people and make more – much more of a difference.

I saw the first cohort of Young Champions talk about their experience, and was so impressed by what they had achieved and how they now felt about their future. And I am lucky enough to know the mentors who had equally grown in confidence and ambition. Vitally, it showed them how they could apply their creativity in a sharing community-based context. This project can change lives.

You can help us to change more lives.

If we can raise £2,000 this Saturday then that will help us to gain additional grant funding, secure a few extra months for the project, and involve more of the city’s young people.
I would hugely value whatever support you can give to Young Champions. And if you fancy watching me hanging on a rope screaming silently to myself then pop along to the Tower Building this Saturday at 8.30am.

Visit our Just Giving page here and donate what you can. Thank you.


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