Restarting Britain 2: Design and Public Services



What public service problems need redesign not cost-cutting? What do you do when you can’t rely on past learning to determine future action? How can we turn government into a learning organization? These were the central questions addressed by the Design Commission in their recent publication, Restarting Britain 2. The report explores the potential contribution of design to the creation of cost-effective public services for the 21st century. Part-polemic, part- manual, the report is the culmination of a nine month inquiry, and the Commission’s response to a substantially increased appetite for more information on the subject of design in public services.

On 25th June I will be part of a panel discussion held at the Scottish Parliament to explore the ideas further. The speakers are:

  • Baroness Kingsmill, House of Lords, Co-chair of the Design Commission’s ‘Restarting Britain 2’ report
  • Prof. Mike Press, DJCAD, University of Dundee, Programme Director, Design and Craft
  • Lauren Currie, Snook, Co-founder and Director of Networks

Hosted by Jenny Marra MSP & Richard Lyle MSP, the event will be held in Committee Room 2, Scottish Parliament 25th June 2013, 6.00pm (Registration from 5.00pm).

If you are interested in attending please register through eventbrite by Friday 14th June:



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